All Natural Products

You will love our pure and refined beeswax products for your skin and lips. Our local beekeepers collect the beeswax from our hives in Connecticut used to create our bee butter, balms and cremes. The base of our products is a perfected blend of extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and vitamin E. Choose the natural honey scent or one of our other flavors infused with pure and organic essential oils. A whole body experience!

Environmentally Friendly Hives

Caring for our honeybees and their hives is essential and important work at BeeBaci. All of our beehive stands and sugar board boxes are built from repurposed wood collected from used furniture and pallets, keeping waste out of landfills and helping to reduce carbon emissions. The boxes, which are protected from other little critters, hold up to 16 pounds of sugar to feed the bees during the winter months.

Our Products

Check back often as our product line will continue to grow as the number of our hives expand. We are currently perfecting a tattoo butter and furniture polish, as well as products with SPF sun protection.